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 The residence has 67 apartments that can be individual or double. Each apartment has an area of ​​40 square meters with its own bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen is fitted with base and wall cupboards, two elements hob, extractor, fridge and microwave -grill.

The bathrooms are equipped with shower and various accessories (mirror, toilet roll holders and towel).

The apartment is furnished with a large table, four chairs, shelves, two wardrobes and two beds. In case the use is individual, the same furniture remains or can be removed at the request of the resident.

Common Rooms
- Study room : equipped with study tables, chairs and bins.
- Group work room: equipped with chairs and round tables.
- Games and rest room: equipped with tables, chairs, sofas, vending machines and large format TV.
- Room for ping- pong.

- Outdoor area with picnic and barbecue.

- Gym with fitness machines, weights, pilates material, steps...
- Laundry room: with washing machines, dryers and irons.

The apartment has the following common services for all residents, which are included in the base rate:
» Study room furniture.
» Board of teamwork.
» Recreation /Living room with sofas, chairs, a large format TV, vending machines (coffee, soft drinks and snacks) and Wii with Karaoke.

» Gym with fitness machines, weights, pilates material, steps...

» Outdoor area with picnic and barbecue.

» Internet connection by wi -fi throughout the building, including apartments.
" Concierge service during business hours. A Head who lives in the residence itself and enforces the Internal Regulations. Individual support that assists students and possible casualties if any.
" Electronic surveillance system for the access and different common areas.
» Air conditioning in common areas.
» Building multi-risk insurance and housing with liability including students.
» Daily cleaning and maintenance of the common areas of the building.
» Exclusive Private cars and bikes parking for residents.
» Laundry room with washing machines, dryers and irons (coin operated).
» Ping -pong table.

Visoren Campus also offers the following optional services (not included in the basic rate):
» Weekly cleaning of the apartment (not included kitchen and windows)
" Delivering Linen
" Rent of car parking
»Rent of TV
» Rent of sofa
» Rent of extra fridge

Rates for year 2017 - 2018


Includes rent, furniture and common services for a 10 month  contract

Shared Apartment (2 people) 240,91 €/month
Individual apartment                                                                                                                     429 €/month

+10% VAT



A fixed quote is paid monthly and regularized in Juny 30, according to the individual consumption for each apartment.

Shared apartment

Water fixed quote per person 8 €/month
Electricity fixed quote per person 12 €/month
Conditioning and ACS fixed quote per person 18 €/month

+21% VAT


Individual apartment

Water fixed quote per person 12 €/month
Electricity fixed quote per person 23 €/month
Conditioning and ACS fixed quote per person                                           30 €/month

+21% VAT



4 weekly cleanings of the apartment (except kitchen and windows) per month 39 €/month
4 deliveries of linens and towels per month 34 €/month
1 cleaning of the apartment (except kitchen and windows) 14 €/month
1 delivery of linens and towels per month 11 €/month
Rent of sofa 15 €/month
Rent of television 9 €/month
Parking car place 60 €/year 

+10% VAT


All the rented furniture or appliances must be contracted in September and the rent is obligatory for the whole year,  and cannot be contracted per days or months. 

+ How can I do the reservation?
+ Which is the contract period?
+ When will the Lease be signed?
+ S'ha de constituir fiança?
+ How will the final review be done?
+ Do we have to pay a tuition
+ If I'm not a student of the University with Partnership, can I be admitted in an apartment?
+ May I choose the apartment?
+ Visoren Campus provides linens and towels?
+ Does Visoren Campus clean the apartments?
+ Which telecom services do the apartments have?
+ Is there a waste disposal service?
+ Is the complex open all the year?
+ Can a friend come to my apartment?
+ Can you enter and go out at any time?
+ How do we pay the monthly fees?
+ Does the complex have its own parking?
+ Is it near the University?
+ Are there services near the Residence?
+ Do parents have direct contact with the Residence?
+ Can I bring my own furniture or appliances?
+ Do you organize activities at the residence?
+ There is any community rule?
+ The Gym can be used without extra charge?
+ Can I visit the residence?

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